Reflections of Norwich Ctd. 2

I got a chance to chat with a few staff and professors at the University of East Anglia. Being with a group of climate change experts, you would think they would talk about their work. That was not the case when I told them I was interested in bicycle transportation. In England, Urban planning is referred to as Town and County Planning. We chatted quite a bit about how moving from our carbon dominated society towards a carbon less environment.

Ultimately, we discussed a popular street towards the University. It is called the Avenues and is similar to 13th at the University of Oregon it is one of the main veins to campus. It is a lovely tree lined street with speed bumps. At some point the council government decided to remove the bicycle lane and push the bicycles on to their own separate path. In the picture below, as a cyclist you would make a slight left (remember they drive on the opposite side of the road in the UK) on to the path.

The Avenues

The Avenues

However no one uses the path.

We all agreed that in most cases we stay on the road. And complained how the council government in most cases installed infrastructure they don’t use. It felt like while the goal was respectable the output was off mark.

In comparison, this infrastructure addition was done quite well.

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