London and Boris Bikes

After leaving Norwich, I traveled to London. While walking around, I was about to see the much touted Boris Bikes.

Their name is from Boris Johnson, the mayor of London who helped launch the program in 2010.There are approximately 5,000 bicycles and 315 docking stations.

Boris Bikes

Boris Bikes

Boris Bike Kiosk

Boris Bike Kiosk

As I observed, you have to have guts riding in London. It is not a pleasant space to travel. There are cars, there are double decker buses and lots of pedestrians. Plus there is not real infrastructure.There is a plan and current conditions report issued by the City of London from the Mayor’s Office. While it covered all types of travel in London there is a section about bikes (Sec 2.12 and Sec 11). In 2010 it was also the year of the bicycle in London.
Ultimately the report outlines:
1. There is about 500,000 people in London on an average day (7.5 million inhabitants) that cycle.
2. That has grown about 5% from 2008 to 2009
3. The number of people entering London by bike has doubled since 2001Their goal is a 5% mode share of all trips in London to be by bike. So how do we go from plan to reality?They are trying by: Introducing the cycle hire (Boris Bike), introducing bicycle superhighways (i.e. bicycle priority routes where the infrastructure is designed for bicycles to travel quickly from A to B).Ultimately, I don’t know if London will get there…we will see!

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