Reflections on Norwich Ctd.

Woodbastwick Route

Woodbastwick Route

While in Norwich we traveled to the Norwich countryside by bicycle.
Experiencing cycling in England was interesting to say the least. As it stands, England on whole only about 1% of trips is by bicycle. Compared to Netherlands and Denmark, which is at around 20%, England has a fair amount of work to do.
Traveling in England by bike, bicycle infrastructure is England is spotty at best. Building a network within the confines of small, narrow roads envisioned during medieval times. Unlike the US, streets are not designed with minimum requirements (i.e. 11′ travel lanes in the US).

Traveling in Traffic

Traveling in Traffic

What that means is there isn’t a lot of cycle lanes or cyclepaths. More normally, there will be a small spot of bicycle lane and then poooof it disappears. In most cases, people travel with traffic close to the sidewalk. Because of this, it is scary to travel by bicycle…yet people still bike.





Maybe because this is at the end of the road…

Woodfordes Norfolk Ales

Woodfordes Norfolk Ales

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