Dreaming of sleep!

Flying Across the Sky

Flying Across the Sky

Flying has always been a leap of faith for me. Regardless of how far or how long, it always crosses my mind how much has to go right to achieve lift. However after that moment of hesitation, I remember why I enjoy flying. In one way or another we are always chasing the sun. Gliding across the night sky unattached to the realities of being on land. Untethered to reality. It is a chance to ask the big questions, think of a new reality. Figure out a way to put it in a new way.

I guess after landing in London, I head to Norwich. I really enjoyed having my bike in Norwich during my study abroad experience in 2005. It made the whole city much easier to navigate. I’m going to have to see if I can borrow another bike. In a lot of ways Norwich is like Eugene. The inner core is only a few miles across and there are about 200,000 people. There are distinct neighborhoods and the University is an important part of the fabric and feeling of the city. However, it has a very dense downtown and it has a ring roads which is different from Eugene.

I am looking forward to going to the Fat Cat which was our local pub.


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