Cardboard Bike Helmet Better than Plastic?

I saw this article on Gizmodo and took the link from Wired. I don’t really think about my helmet too much. I probably use it 90% of the time. I don’t personally dislike wearing my helmet, but it is a necessary evil. Both peer pressure and the idea that I might trip over or walk into something keeps it so I wear my helmet. I am excited to ride in the streets of Amsterdam with no helmet.


Cardboard Bike Helmet Better than Plastic?

Kranium is a bike helmet that is made from the same cardboard used for the boxes you find at the supermarket. This material, along with some clever construction, turns out to be a lot better at absorbing impact than the more usual polystyrene-filled lids.

Anirudha Surabhi’s design absorbs four times more impact energy that the polystyrene equivalent…


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