Musings: The real cost of transporation?

So I read to Andrew Sullivan’s column on the Daily Beast and one of the many subjects that came up was how much commuting sucked away your soul.Which in reality it does suck to sit in traffic. Based on that subject it spawned another topic of how much time the average American wastes in traffic. It is about 1.5 to 2.25 hours, in your car, siting, waiting and idling along.

Of course that then spawned another topic of how much it costs to work to afford a bicycle. I know kind of non sequitur, but it takes about 15 hours of work to purchase a $350 bike. So I guess about 15 days of sitting in traffic…which isn’t too bad.

But then the subject goes into the classic debate about why American’s don’t ride their bikes more. Here: Here: and here: and here: and finally here:

The typical excuses of it is too hot, hilly or I have kids or too much to lug around came up. Of course the opposite was stated, I made the change, I made the choice and excreta, excreta, excreta.

I’m not quite sure how I stand on the issue. I like the idea of giving people options to travel in different modes and I like the idea that once people get all of the information they can make an informed choice. Regardless though, it was nice reading both sides of the story as it unfolded on Andrew Sullivan’s website. Also the picture in the last link was pretty cool. The family made the choice to move from the burbs which meant an increase in housing cost, but a decrease in transportation + a whole lot less time in traffic!


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